Сервис мануал epson 640

сервис мануал epson 640

Move the carriage next to the head cleaner and make sure that overlap between the tip of the printhead and cleaner head is more than 0. Remove 4 screws No. At the OHP, Normal sheet setting 360X360 dpi At the ordinary paper and resolution 360X360 dpi setting The control circuit is considered as 2 divided parts;... See the sample pattern in the following page. Replace the ink- Is it an ink cartridge with a cartridge new one.

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Following reasons can be the causes when printer goes this error mode. The carriage does not Carriage motor does not operate normally. Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Table 3-5. Out of these mechanism, from 1 to 4 are physical mechanism and parts which are mounted on the printer mechanism and 5 ink sequence is performed automatically by firmware.

Сервис мануал epson 640 - говорит, что

On the other hand, the Stylus Color 440 can print real 720 dpi 720 H x 720 V resolution like Stylus Pro XL. This operation is considered the most important to maintain proper ink discharging system. Confirm that the printer is in stand-by state the POWER indicator is not blinking , and hold down the cleaning button on the control panel for more than 3 seconds.

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Сервис мануал epson 640 Take out the right and left compression springs 1.
AT93C46 IC11 Figure 2-26. This is a normal error state and it returns to the normal state after installing an ink cartridge according to the ink cartridge exchange operation. сервис мануал epson 640

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